when one door closes, another one opens

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Pond - By Samuel Glassar
I’m in the army atm and I can tell u I have never had such a strong need & ‘wanting’ to go out and photograph.. I guess it’s good to have a break sometimes, but it’s kind of driving me crazy..! This was taken in Iceland as well.

g o l d f a n g z

She would kill for it


The mummified heart is said to be that of vampire Auguste Delagrance, responsible for the deaths of more than forty people back in the 1900, a period of vampirism in the USA. When he was identified, Delagrance was hunted down by a Romano Catholic priest and a Voodoo Hougan, and was destroyed in 1912. (x)

This is fucking Rad

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i hate how you’re just born out of nowhere and you’re forced to go to school and get education so you can get a job what if i wanted to be a duck

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